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Useful Tips for Developers who used Mac

These tips can be used in OSX 10.9 1. Open the finder window at current terminal .
2. Open a terminal at a finder window     you have to create your own shortcut for this. follow below steps to do that
Go to System Preferences -> Keyboard -> Shortcuts -> ServicesTick the checkbox at New Terminal at FolderClick the none text(light grey) in right side of New Terminal at Folder checkboxPress your own shortcut key combination I experienced this shortcut is not available until you access this feature via context menu.
Right click on a finder window -> Services -> New Terminal at Folder  and one thing I noticed is until you restart the machine, It takes some time to open the terminal after you press the shortcut keys.
3. Create new empty text file using terminaltouch <textfile_name>.txt 4. Open a text file using terminal, Write something to it and Exit from itvi <textfile_name>
if you want to write something on file, press iif you write nothing on file …