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How to change WSO2 BAM admin user password

This guide is for WSO2 BAM 2.5.0 version
To change the default admin password open the user-mgt.xml(<BAM_HOME>/repository/conf/) edit the Password as follows.

Change the admin passwords of below datasources of bam-datasource.xml in <BAM_HOME>/repository/conf/datasources folder accordingly.


Now password has changed to a new one.

How to run integration ui tests in WSO2 API Manager

Go to tests-ui folder reside in below path.

and run below command
mvn clean install -Dwebdriver.firefox.bin=<path to firefox executable>
make sure to use firefox 22 version. you can get it from [1].
ex:  mvn clean install -Dwebdriver.firefox.bin=/Users/lakshman/Documents/software/fireFox22/

If you want to debug the test case, you can use -Dmaven.surefire.debug property

mvn clean install -Dwebdriver.firefox.bin=/Users/lakshman/Documents/software/fireFox22/ -Dmaven.surefire.debug


Root cause of getting 404 error when do rest call to google places apis

When we do call any rest api starting with google location api) from an application other than a normal browser I observed we are getting 404 error message as the response. 

What we can do to prevent this

Add host: maps.googleapis.comparameter to the request header when application send rest call to that api

In WSO2 ESB we can use below property before send mediator. It will add above parameter to request header when ESB send rest call to

<property name="REQUEST_HOST_HEADER" value="" scope="axis2"></property>