Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Application Whitelist and Blacklist Feature in WSO2 EMM

It can be white listed and black listed applications in WSO2 EMM 2.1.0 onwards.

What is Application White List?
White listed applications are the only applications that allowed run on device. Any other application which does not appear on the list will not be allowed to run on the device.
What is Application Black List?
Black listed applications are the applications that are not allowed to run on the device.

Application black lists and white lists can be deployed on devices as device policies. Follow the below steps to create black list.

1. Enroll a device on EMM.
2. Create an app restriction policy
  i) Go to the EMM main window by issuing below url to the browser address bar
  ii) Click policy add button as shown in below

iii) Choose the platform. ex : I choose android platform.

iv) Click Applications Restrictions profile and click Off toggle button to On the profile

v) Choose black list from select box and add applications as below. Note that to add a description about the application in App Name/Description column and to add the package name of the application in Package Name column. Click continue button.

vi) Select device owner type, user or role and policy action level from current wizard

vii) Type a policy name and description about policy and click publish to Device button from current wizard

viii) Now click the policy view button and you will redirect to below page.

ix) Now click the APPLY CHANGES TO DEVICES button to change take effect as below.

You can follow the same steps as above to create a white list as well.


  1. I'm running wso2emm 2.1.0 (alpha), but the whitelist doesn't seem to be working.

    I created two "identical" policies for two identical phones: three apps are blacklisted on one device and whitelisted on the other.
    The blacklist works as it should. Those apps are blocked, so I know I entered the correct details and set the rest up correctly.

    What could be wrong with the whitelist? :/

  2. I think this problem is yours
    Sorry for not mentioned this in post. Black listing will be applied to BYOD and COPE both scenarios. But White listing only applies to COPE scenario. For white list to work properly you should install android system service and you should be on lollipop or higher version. For more information on how to install system service look


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